The name is Keana Zavira Erwadhana, born in Beijing, June 06th, 2000 and Raised in Jakarta. Beijing is the second place that she loves after Jakarta, Indonesia, yet her father land of birth. Basically, she’s a mixed of Chinese-Indonesian father and Betawi mother. Eventho, her father is a Chinese she could never speaks in Chinese, only few words though.
People call her Kea, not Ikea, but Kea with I so Kia.
She’s the only daughter and the last children of Jingguo Pradipto Erwadhana and Rebecca Denaya. She has one older brother who 2 years older than her, Keanu Zavier Erwadhana, the silliest person that Kea ever meet. Eventho they‘re always arguing unimportant things, Kea still loves his brother. But sometimes she really can’t relate to Keanu stupidness.
At the first encounter people might think she’s unapproachable, pretty awkward but honestly Kea just like her brother, tends to be so loud and like to babbling around.
But sometimes she highkey never completely confident about herself, not good at expressing her own feelings and emotions, and don’t trust people that much.
She loves to do makeup and buy makeup stuffs, love to spend her time watch movies while eat icecream, also love to singing and dancing, but choose to keep her secret talent herself.
Now she’s has make her own desicion, choose to join Edge Models Jakarta and planning of having a own modelling agency on years later.